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Top 50 Desktop Theme, Screensaver and Wallpaper

Babefest Screensavers

Babefest Heatwave Screensaver
63 of the hottest women on Earth form an everchanging collage of sensual beauty. Optional music included. Pushes the PG rating to the max, but no nudity. Sit back and feel the heat.
(1323 Kb)

Ebony Babefest Screensaver
25 lovely ladies in this exciting addition to the BabeFest screensaver series. These bikini and lingerie beauties are exclusive to this edition. Pictures appear in a random collage. Fully configurable.
(677 Kb)

Babefest0 Screensaver
The legend returns with 65 new and exclusive beauties in this random collage screensaver. Hot bikini girls and women in lingerie cover your desktop in this steamy edition. Heat up your summer and melt your winter with this one.
(1242 Kb)

Latex And Leather Babefest Screensaver
Cotton will never touch these sexy babes. A great collection of hot women in latex and leather bikinis and lingerie. 55 images. Freeware from the creator of the BabeFest 2004 and Sexy Revolution screensavers.

Babefest 2005 Screensaver
The Last and BEST of the BabeFest series brings 101 sexy, beautiful women and girls in bikinis, lingerie, panties, thongs, and even almost naked. Full of heat. Full of passion. FREEWARE and free to share. This is the ultimate Babe screensaver.

Babefest Wallpapers

Babefest Babes 1 Wallpaper
Those hot honeys from the BabeFest screensaver series saturate your desktop in a collage of beauty. Over 20 screensavers available to match this 800x600 bikini wallpaper, including the new Girls Get Wicked screensaver.

Babefest Babes 2 Wallpaper
More beautiful babes from the BabeFest and HoneyGirls ScreenSaver series.

Babefest Babes 3 Wallpaper
Visit the Great Wall of SEXY. Hot beautiful woman on a bright white background, perfect for your waiting monitor. 1024 x 768 Wallpaper. Search for FREE matching BabeFest screensavers.

Babefest Babes 4 Wallpaper
Another sexy wallpaper inspired by the FREE BabeFest 2005 screensaver. 1024 x 768.

Jules Asner Wallpaper

Happy St Patricks Day 03 Screen Saver

Claire Danes wallpaper

Robert de Niro Robin Williams Rowan Atkinson Caricatures Screensaver

Adriana No Screensaver

Angel Kissmas Wallpaper

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Doom Desktop Themes and Diablo theme

Cameron Diaz 4 HotBars

Brotherhood Of The Wolf Wallpaper Screensaver Desktop Theme

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