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Top 50 Desktop Themes, Screensaver and Wallpapers

Viking Screensavers

Angry Viking Screensaver
This is an Animated Screensaver featuring a Viking doing bad things to your monitor. Requires Shockwave Flash
(1283 Kb)

Vikings Screensaver
This is one of my favorite football teams. GO VIKINGS
(290 Kb)

Viking Winamp Skins

Minnesota Vikings Winamp Skin
A skin dedicated to the greatest football team ever to grace the pig skin.

Viking Storm Winamp Skin

Viking Wallpapers

Viking Journey Wallpaper
This is some of my own art this time done with Bryce 4. Hope you enjoy it! Wallpaper availible in both 800x600 and 1024x768. Click my homepage link above for more Wallpaper and Desktop Themes and other cool stuff!
(225 Kb)

Viking Desktop Themes

Viking Sunset Desktop Theme
the wallpaper in this theme was designed by yours truly.
(163 Kb)

Viking Ship Desktop Theme
A Viking ship off to sea.
(255 Kb)

Bathory The Creators of viking metal Desktop Theme
Bathory Desktop Theme contains music from ALL albums
(1.3 Kb)

Minnesota Vikings Desktop Theme

Minnesota Vikings Desktop Theme
Includes nice background, animated cursors, and icons. Unfortunately there aren\t any sounds, only because I couldn\t find any that appealed to me, so I left that up to you.

The Minnesota Vikings Desktop Theme
This is for all the Minnesota Viking fans out there. This is a complete theme, including sounds. Make sure to read the read me file first. Go Vikes!

Vikings Desktop Theme
If your a Viking fan you will want this desktop theme. Custom wallpaper,icons, and cursors, Music: Rolling Stones Start it up.

Vikings Desktop Theme
This is one called Vikings BY Davids Place Themes. We did the wallpaer in psp 7..Theme comes with sounds,icons,cursors and logos. That were made by us

Vikings2 Desktop Theme
This is one called Vikings2 BY Davids Place Themes. We did the wallpaer in psp 7..Theme comes with sounds,icons,cursors and logos. That were made by us

Vikings2001 Desktop Theme
heres one for all you viking fans.let\s go vike\s,the next superbowl champs..i hope anyway..hope you enjoy it..

Viking Journey Desktop Theme
Theme comes in both 1024x768 and 800x600. Themes have both startup and shutdown screens and some cool sounds, cursors and Icons. Please take the time to visit my homepage by clicking the link above for more cool themes, wallpaper, and music.
(4798 Kb)

Viking Hotbars

Minnesota Vikings 1 Hotbar

Minnesota Vikings 2 Hotbar

Viking ICQ Skins

Vikings ICQ Skin
This is one to match the theme we did..
(231 Kb)

Vikings 2 ICQ Skin
This is the second to our viking skins.
(230 Kb)

Viking Yahoo Messenger Skins

Minnesota Vikings I Yahoo Messenger Skin
NFL Team for Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings II Yahoo Messenger Skin
NFL Team for Minnesota.

Viking Outlook Stationeries

Viking Storm Outlook Stationery
Great stat for you Minnesota Vikings fans out there! Matching desktop theme and skins available at Desktop Decorator.

Julia Stiles Wallpaper

MJG 3d Art Screen Saver

Collin Farrell wallpaper

Castle Screensaver

Adriana Sklenarikova Screensaver

Angel Of Peace Wallpaper

Ben Affleck Wallpaper

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Aaliyah wallpapers and A-Teens Wallpaper

Candles And Holly Screensavers

Bruce Springsteen Wallpaper Screensaver Desktop Theme

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Lynx Wallpaper and Lynx Screensaver

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